Service Options

Conference Rooms
The building has a number of conference rooms that can be used at an additional charge. These facilities accommodate 2 - 30 people and can be used for training workshops, large meetings and presentations / small screenings.

The building is furnished with its own modern phone/fax/data system, with all the usual features and is priced according to the number of handsets / lines required, group set up and calls made. Please contact us for more details.

Secretarial support is available on site and is chargeable. Photocopying services are available.
Support limitations apply.

Printing and Photocoping
We have high quality printers and copiers onsite which enable fast and secure printing options. You can print to these machine direct from your own PCs and Laptops

General Refreshments
Water coolers
Tea and coffee

Company presence
As we are a 'non branded' business centre we can offer our tenants the option of having a brass plate installed on the frontage of the building. This can include your company logo and name. You guest and visitors will really get the impression that your firm is fully established at this pretigious address.